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Black Fleet Brewing Taproom & Kitchen first opened in September 2018 at 2302 Fawcett Avenue in Tacoma, Washington. Available at the soft open were a variety of brews on tap, all made in-house behind the bar, as well as a simple kitchen menu offering a range of comfort food & pub fare. By 2019, Black Fleet's beer & food offerings grew to a full daily menu & an events menu, in addition to Black Fleet Brewing Taproom & Kitchen starting a line of house-made sodas crafted with simple, delectable ingredients. Once COVID-19 hit in 2020, Black Fleet Brewing broadened offsite sales & began participating in local Farmers' Markets including the Proctor Farmers' Market & then joining Puyallup Farmers' Market in 2021. 


Black Fleet Brewing currently self-distributes with kegs & cans available for both wholesale & retail purchase. Visit the "Keg Inquiry" section or contact for more information about brews & beverages!


The Beginning of Black Fleet Brewing

The Story Behind our Name

The name Black Fleet Brewing is inspired by a combination of the fierceness & grit of our beloved Tacoma, Washington, & Jeanne de Clisson, a French Noblewoman turned Pirate who plied the English Channel.


Jeanne de Clisson, the Lioness of Brittany, turned pirate after her husband was accused of treason & beheaded by the French. In turn, she sold her remaining belongings, bought a trio of ships, painted the hulls black, & dyed the sails crimson, creating the Black Fleet. It is rumored that Jeanne would personally behead any French Nobles found aboard ships with an axe. She became known as “The Bloody Lioness” & found such success she was offered . 


With Tacoma’s fierce & rough & tumble reputation, the Foss waterway was named after a tough & local business woman – Thea Foss (1857-1927), the founding team at Black Fleet Brewing thought. Thea Foss made a name for herself here in Tacoma – & worldwide – when her husband & herself moved to Tacoma in the 19th century. She started with a single row boat, which she painted green & yellow; by 1904, her company had fleets of up to 200 ships, a shipyard, 10 boat launches, & more.


Just as the Lioness of Brittany sailed, & Thea Foss built her business, brews & crafts plates with passion, drive, & focus to be & do with our craft. From classic to cutting edge, our menu & flavors are built to blend comfort & adventure with each pint & plate using Pacific Northwest ingredients & inspiration for mouth-watering flavors. Our beers are brewed to be flavorful & we want to show you what we can do by bridging beer & food.

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Hoping to find our brews near you? Reach out to us at & let us know where you think we'd be a hit & we'll do our best! 

Black Fleet Brewing beers & bites are currently available in Washington State only.

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