The Story Behind the Name

French Noblewoman Jeanne de Clisson's husband was accused of treason & beheaded in the 1300's. In response, she sold their belongings & bought a trio of ships: She painted the hulls black, dyed the sails crimson, & created the Black Fleet. Gaining notoriety for beheading French Noblemen she found aboard ships with an axe, she became known as "The Bloody Lioness" & "The Lioness of Brittany". The British even offered her safe haven on their shores as a result.​


Just as the Lioness of Brittany sailed, Thea Foss built a name for herself, & Tacoma residents carry themselves fiercely, we brew with a passion, drive, & focus to be & do more with our craft & community. From classic to something new, our menu & flavors are built to blend comfort & adventure with each pint & plate while using Pacific Northwest inspired ingredients. Our beers are brewed to more more & we want to show you what more we can do for our community at Black Fleet Brewing Taproom & Kitchen.